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City Guide: Blooming Budapest

Being Janus-faced might sound like a despicable attribute, but judging a wine by its bottle is seldom a good idea. In the case of Budapest, Janus-faced connotes the two extremities embodied by the city’s two parts, Buda and Pest. Connected by nine bridges, they resemble a pair of distinctively differing twins with a handful of common features. Calm, cool, and collected Buda is a laidback aristocrat with a tendency to live it up once in a blue moon, and Pest is an artist incapable of resisting the temptations of the good life. Budapest is still searching for its true identity, and has just begun to bloom. Bálint Kodaj reports.   | more |

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Ranking: Great Development Ahead

Subway’s rise in Europe continues. The sandwich brand is especially expanding at great speed...   | more |
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Summit: Modest Prospects with Some Bright Spots

Comparative insights into the recent performance of the European outof-home market...   | more |
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Interview: Brands in Transit

Well-known foodservice brands and concepts are becoming ever-more visible at travel hubs...   | more |
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