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Yum! Restaurants International: 2012 Sales Growth Stronger than Unit Growth in Europe

Yum! Restaurants International continued to expand in Europe last year. The number of outlets rose by 2.25% to 3,185. In 33 European national markets, the three Yum! brands - KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell - generated revenues of US-$4,421 m, representing growth in constant-currency terms of 6% compared to 2011.   | more |

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McDonald's: An Analytic Glance at the World's Biggest Foodservice Player's Latest Global Figures

Over 20% of McDonald's 34,480 restaurants worldwide are to be found in Europe. The 7,368 units represent almost 28% of global system sales and 37% of the operating income of the parent company based in Oak Brook, Chicago. The importance of the continent for the system is and remains paramount. The best performers in 2012 were the big UK and Russian markets.   | more |
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USA: Top 100 Foodservice Chains 2012

The NRN's annual analysis of the top 100 US foodservice chains, as ranked by annual US system-wide sales, sees the industry rebounding from the recession. Last year, the top 100 increased their turnover by 5.3%. Together they generated US-$213.7 bn in US system sales - and accounted for nearly 34% of the entire US-market.   | more |
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Sweden: Top 25 Fast Food Players 2012

The 39 largest players in the Swedish quickservice segment grew by 6% to total revenues of over SEK15 bn in 2012 according to a survey by Delfi Marknadspartner. A report by Jan Börjesson.   | more |
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