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Ranking: Great Development Ahead

Subway’s rise in Europe continues. The sandwich brand is especially expanding at great speed in Russia, Great Britain, and France. Marc Kreder, Regional Director of Subway Europe, attributes the speedy growth to the brand’s great popularity among consumers: “More and more customers are asking us to open more stores.” In 2013, total sales for Subway in Europe reached US$2.030 bn (+16.7%). Like-forlike sales went up by 2%. Best sales growth was achieved in Norway (+15% like for like), Germany (+ 6%) and UK (+4%).
After 158 net new openings in the course of 2013, Russia is now the second largest Subway market in Europe. “In Russia, our growth strategy is based on a Master Franchise Agreement: Our partners have set up a large organization and have extensively opened stores mainly but not only in Moscow and St. Petersburg,” Kreder explains. “Here, Subway is by now the most developed quickservice chain in the industry.” From his point of view, the market is far from being saturated: “As store density per capita remains very low, we expect great major growth to come in the years ahead.” He forecasts 200 new store openings in Russia for 2014.
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| 26 August 2014 |
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