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Summit: Modest Prospects with Some Bright Spots

Comparative insights into the recent performance of the European outof-home market...   | more |

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Burger King – the Turning Point?

In the last few years fast-casual chains, such as Five Guys Burgers in the US, have been eating up market share by offering fast service and higher quality items.   | more |
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Statistics: How the Italian Style Makes the Difference

Food is an important part of Italian culture and eating out is a part of life not a treat. Because of this lifestyle, there are some key differences between Italy and other Western European countries in terms of consumption habits but also their reaction to the economic crisis. By Matteo Figura, Foodservice Manager – Italy, The NPD Group...   | more |
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McDonalds 2009: European Comparable Sales Increase by 5.2 %

The world’s local restaur ant: the market leader serves 60 m customers per day. With system-wide sales of more than US$72 bn, McDonald’s Corporation announced another strong year for 2009, driven by global comparable sales growth. When set against those of the other foodservice giants, McD’s figures for the most recent business year appear excellent   | more |
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